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Seiichi Matsui

Address of executive chief

This is Matsui, chair of the executive committee for the Harajuku Omotesando Genki-sai Festival -- Super Yosakoi 2016.


Thank you to everyone for the great turnout we had at last year's Super Yosakoi 2015. It was unusually chilly for August, so we were unsure if the event would have the attendance expected, but after seeing the results, we are confident that both the guests and the dancers alike enjoyed themselves thoroughly.


Another thing I was very happy to see was the large turnout of guests from overseas. Over the last several years, we have seen increasingly greater numbers of these guests -- this is thanks to a surge in inbound tourism. One sight that impressed me was the numerous people carrying around large SLR cameras or video cameras and tripods, taking pictures and footage of the event. It is a delight to see the interest everyone takes in the event, and in their knowledge of the teams. It seems as though yosakoi is fast becoming an international phenomenon.


This year's Super Yosakoi 2016 will take place on August 27-28. The Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics of 2020 are steadily approaching -- won't you join us as we continue to make the Super Yosakoi a bigger and better event and broadcast it to the world at large? We look forward to welcoming the teams and audience to Meiji Jingu, Yoyogi Park, and Omotesando.

Organizer (Keyakikai) Introduction

Seat of Shopping District Promotion Association Harajyuku Omotesando Keyakikai:6-9-1 Tominaga building B1 #2, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Phone:03‐3406‐4303 number of stores:about 800 stores : women’s clothes store(250)/ variety store(310)

The Charter of Harajyuku Omotesando

1. the town full of friendsip, love, and vigor

2. the town treasure nature and environment

3. the town send art and culture

4. the town look history and science

5. the town create peace, future, and happiness

Effort toward environment of Harajyuku Omotesando Keyaki-kai

Harajyuku Omotesando Keyaki-kai have been creating town respect for environment since 1970’s.

We would like to introduce what we have done until now and the future.

In 1973, inauguration Harajyuku Champs-Elysees - slogan is 「Keep Clean Keep Green」that is respect for environment since this time.

1974 Harajyuku women’s marathon. 1980 Harajyuku music festival. 1981 started diagnosis of zelkove trees(Keyaki) - we have been doing diagnosis of

zelkove tree(Keyaki) which is symbol of the town. 1991~1997 started construction project of street scenery restoration.1991~1998 operation of illumination

project. 1999 change name from Harajyuku Champs-Elysees to Harajyuku Omotesando Keyaki-kai - to define area identity. 1999 the Charter of Harajyuku

Omotesando. 2000 started sweeper team and clean busters. 2001 Harajyuku Omotesando eco-avenue 21 declaration. 2001 Harajyuku Omotesando Genki

Festival, Super Yosakoi. 2002 test lighting illumination with fuel battery. 2002 piaza eco-farm opened in Tomidu, Chiba. 2003 started Greenbird cleaning

volunteer. 2003 practice of examination for energy saving consciousness as eco-avenue - we had cooperation 62 stores out of 70. 2006 establishment of

automatic collection machine for can and bottle at Omotesando in Keyaki festival project with deadline. 2006 Cool Asia 2006 - collaborate with Ministry of the

Environment at Omotesando hills. 2006 opened piaza eco farm cafe. 2006 Lighting Omotesando with LED. 2008 Zero garbage mission - started by

restaurants. 2008 the conclusion of partners agreement about environment protect project. 2009~2011 operation of Omotesando illumination with LED,

establishment of automatic collection machine for can and bottle.

Omotesando illumination 2009 - a Keyaki tree lighted up by solar energy generator (A Keyaki in front of Jingu police station)

Omotesando illumination 2010 - offset for discharge CO2 of illumination electricity.

What is The Harajuku Omotesando Genki-matsuri Festival -- Super Yosakoi?

Since 2001, local arcade that is Shopping arcade promote association Harajyuku Omotesando Keyaki-kai organize. It is held in last weekend in August for

dedication festival of Meiji-Jinguu, as protecting tradition of Yosakoi festival in Kouchi pref.

Past Performance

Practice contents

“Yosakoi Naruko dance” exhibition and festivals introduction at 3stages/ street 2 stage. About 100 teams gather to Omotesando every year from all over the


Japan, and they exhibit individual enthusiastic “Yosakoi Naruko Dance”


The “SuperYosakoi” is 16th time in this year since 2001, it now establishes in status as the biggest Yosakoi event.


It means that “Please come at night” in Tosa dialect.


Yosakoi Festival was born in 1954 while after the war depression by Kouchi chamber of commerce and industry a board of trade for recovery economics and build up local area.For the first time, it was done by 21 participated team and 750 participants, but for the 30th time, it grew up to over 10,000 participant

festival. In 1970 it was chosen one of the top 10 festival in Japan by Osaka international exhibition. Then now after passed about 50 years, Yosakoi enlarge to all over the Japan by who was attracted individuality performance, and many Yosakoi style festival has been born in Japan that the number is now about 220 or more.


Birthplace Kochi Yosakoi Festival have rule that if you use music “Yosakoi Naruko Odori” by Eisaku Takemasa in your part of music, it is free to arrangement. The “Yosakoi Naruko Odori” is incorporated with “Yosakoi-bushi”, Yocchore (old children’s song)”, “Jinmamo(local song)”,and Mr.Takemasa contributed the song with abandonment copyright of the song. Generally, using phrase of local folk song into part of Yosakoi song is rule for Yosakoi Style Festival, so now many teams compose their original songs and play live band on Jikatasya. The style is from original Yosakoi-bushi to rock style, samba style and so on, that is the big reason of Yosakoi Festival is acceptable to young generations and spread to many part of Japan. Therefore, the abandonment of copyright by Mr Takemasa have huge significance.

Naruko (musical instrument)

Naruko is indispensable instrument for Yosakoi Festival. Originally, Naruko was a tool to scare birds such as sparrow by hanging at the field. As Yosakoi Festival was born in Kochi-ken, Awaodori was already famous that is dance with bare hands. So Yosakoi started to use instrument.The reason why Naruko was chosen for the instrument was because it is intimate with Kochi. The traditional shape is black and yellow sticks on vermilion wooden body,

but it now arranged color, material, and shape to match their costume. Also, Yosakoi is getting familiarized such as used in school gymnastic.


There is no color or design regulation for costume. First of all when Yosakoi was born, men and women enjoyed dancing with Yukata, but now dance change, at the same time increase variation ethnic style, rock style,or old style.

And then, many teams create new costume every year with theme of the team, which add spice to great individuality.


Jikatasya was appearance to the 4th Yosakoi Festival at birthplace Kochi. Jikatasya is leading truck of team, and symbol of team. Its driver’s seat is the command of the team. The body of the truck is administered individuality decoration with team concept, and the carrier is also mobile live stage for sound machinery and band. It now is particular about moving device or illumination that entertain audiences latery.

■ 2016

【name】Meiji Jingu Shrine dedication Harajyuku Omotesando Genki Festival Super Yosakoi 2016


【place】Harajyuku Omotesando/Meiji Jingu Shrine/Yoyogi park/An avenue of Keyaki in front of NHK

【host】The executive of Harajyuku Omotesando Genki Festival/Shopping District Promotion Association Harajyuku Omotesando Keyakikai


【special cooperation】Meiji Jingu Shrine

【participating team】100teams (record in 2015)

【number of mobilization audiences】about eight hundreds thousand people (record in 2015)

【operation content】



[Harajyuku stage](27rd・28th)

[Bunkakan stage](27rd・28th)

[Yoyogi park stage](27rd・28th)

[Street the front of NHK](27rd・28th)

[Omotesando avenue](28th)

【simultaneously in session】

Udon number one grand prix 2014:August 22nd(Fri)・23rd(Sat)・24th(Sun)

Hold the deciding the best Udon that is from around the Japan

■MAP in 2016


※names of places in right MAP/street-name(Omotesando/Meiji street)/

place-name(Meiji Jingu/Yoyogi park)/station-name(JR Harajyuku station)

Harajyuku stage

JR Harajyuku station Omotesando exit/ Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line

Meiji Jingu mae station exit 2. one minute walk

Show time

Aug 27rd(Sat)11:30 ~ 17:30

Aug 28th(Sun)10:00 ~ 17:30


The main stage at entrance of Meiji Jingu where will be held

opening and closing ceremony

Bunkakan stage

JR Harajyuku station Omotesando exit/ Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line

Meiji Jingu mae station exit 2. six minutes walk

Show time

Aug 27rd(Sat)11:00 ~ 17:30

Aug 28th(Sun)10:00 ~ 17:00


5 minutes walk in the precinct from Harajyuku stage.

There is a special stage in Bunkakan parking lot.

The stage is surrounded with the grove of the village shrine.

Street the front of NHK

JR Harajyuku Omotesando exit/Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line

Meiji Jingu mae station 1 or 2 exit. ten minutes walk

JR Shibuya station ten minutes walk

Show time

Aug 27rd(Sat)10:00 ~ 18:00

Aug 28th(Sun)10:00 ~ 17:00


All participated team will do performance on 23rd. Can’t miss it!

You can watch with easy seat.

Yoyogi park stage

JR Harajyuku station Omotesando exit/ Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line

Meiji Jingu mae station exit 1 or 2. ten minutes walk

JR Shibuya station, 15 minutes walk

Show time

Aug 27rd(Sat)10:00 ~ 18:30

Aug 28th(Sun)10:00 ~ 17:00

Omotesando avenue

Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line・Ginza line・Hanzomon line

Omotesando station A1 or A2 exit. one minute walk

Show time

Aug 28th(Sun)12:15 ~ 16:45


This show will be only on 24th with the regulation of traffic on Omotesando which is a must see.

PR zone

JR Harajyuku Omotesando exit/

Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line

Meiji Jingu mae station 2 exit. one minutes walk

Show time

Aug 27rd(Sat)11:00 ~ 17:30

Aug 28th(Sun)10:00 ~ 17:00


At the PR zone inside the Meiji Jingu, we sell Super Yosakoi official towel and reservation of official DVD.


(exhibition of the product of Japan & cosponsor booth)

JR Harajyuku Omotesando exit/Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line

Meiji Jingu mae station 1 or 2 exit. ten minutes walk

JR Shibuya station 15minutes walk

Show time

Aug 27rd(Sat)10:00 ~ 20:00

Aug 28th(Sun)10:00 ~ 17:30


An exhibition of the specialty product of many part of Japan where is held Yosakoi.



Harajyuku Omotesando Genki Festival Super Yosakoi office

6-9-1 Tominaga building B1 #2 Jingumae Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, zip150-0001

TEL:03-3406-5572 FAX:03-3406-0955

Weekdays(Monday thru Friday)10:00~18:00